What is Playon

A PlayOn server is a place that centrally locates all services that you have. It has a server component that must be run on a Windows based computer. Most times PlayOn will have various episodes of shows plus many times it will allow you to view older shows that are no longer in production. In addition it has a community that writes plugins allowing people with subscriptions to the service to install plugins which allow people to expand there server and play content from various other sources. I am searching for plugins that you must have and would appreciate suggestions for any to try out. Besides having some hiccups I would highly recommend you try the free period and possibly even buy. FYI, the lifetime membership was 20$ off during the holiday season, so be on the lookout for deals. I have noticed various deals throughout seasons.

One thing that I love about Playon is its ability to record shows. This may seem simple enough, but since I leave my Windows computer on almost always I setup a large queue of shows to be recorded in a folder that Plex scans and have them inserted directly into my Plex server. Some may say well just watch the shows, but since the Plex server can be shared with friends and family, they get access to all those shows and are able to take advantage of that content that Playon gets.

PlayOn is advertised as being able to Watch shoes, Record, Cast, Skip Ads, (it says Mobile), (It says your media, but I always use Plex for that)

PlayOn works with Roku, iPhone/iPad, Android, Chromecast, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Wii, Wii U

Note: I haven’t seen this before and need to look at the PlayOn FAQ’s but when I first try (sometimes 2nd) to play a show it gives me an error “Video Request Failure” when I try to play that video a second time I have no issues.

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Getting Playon Content