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Get Plex server.....Plex websiteA Plex server is free. It basically is a server software that can run on MacOS, Windows, Linux and even some NAS drives. It can be accessed via a variety of sources. Besides channels that it offers you, you’ll have to put any movies, music, TV shows and photos (media) on the server that you want to access. That server can then “transcode” or reformat it in the proper format that your device needs and stream to that device. The client can be played on a smartphone, tablet, connected TV’s, streaming devices (Roku, Chromecast, Amazon Fire and Apple TV) and it can also play over the Plex Home Theater, which is a software application that can be installed and run on various computers. Plex has a web interface that allows you to setup various types of media to stream to a client. When talking about channels there are a bunch of default channels that come preinstalled with the server. However there is also a “unsupported app store” with many additional apps that can be downloaded from GitHub and setup to be installed just by renaming it and putting it in the plug-ins folder. If you go on the Plex forums there are plug-ins in addition to the ones in the channel area of a Plex server. Apparently this “UnsupportedAppStore” is no longer online (Which really sucks and I have to imagine to some extant the plugins are no longer developed), but individuals make individual plug-ins before having them grouped together. So I assume some plug-ins are currently still being developed. I also installed this store after it was considered “offline”

Note: This is a difficult process, It really depends on your skill level using the OS your server is on.

Step 1: Get the plug-ins Here

Step 2: Install (Search for a video on YouTube, check out these Linux instructions or the guy from is letting me post his Windows instructions so if used leave him a comment or email him a thanks.)

In addition to the UnSupportedAppStore I have also been seeking out and trying other plugins. There is a thread listing them in the Plex Forums (This thread seems to be no longer maintained) I have also done a search on and found lots of plugins some no longer maintained, but some maintained. So if your looking to maximize the channels on your server, check that out.

Locating and Installing Plex channels

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