Comcast, TWC, Dish, and DirectTV/Uverse rates to raise in 2016

According to sources all the above companies have plans to raise rates in 2016. DirectTV/Uverse have announced service raises coming in January 28. For DirectTV a raise in rates is kinda a annual occurrence, so their really is not a surprise but its yet another reason that more customers will get fed up and search out other alternatives. Dish will raise rates January 14th. I could not find a date for Time Warner Cable and the sources that I found showed very different rate increases but it seemed as though the sources agreed of a rate increase. I also could not find a date on Comcast fee changes, but I did see that basically everyone was going to be hit with a fee (sources list 3-5$) to rebroadcast signals from CBS, ABC, NBC, The CW, and Fox over Comcasts network. Although Comcast is going to increase this fee as well as some other fees it is said that they will drop fees on HBO.

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