Using MCE to change video Formats and remove Ads

Using MCE to change video Formats and remove Ads

MCEBuddy is a software program used to erase commercials and convert file types from recorded files. It can be found at . When you first look at MCEBuddy it seems as though it might be extremely limited. On closer inspection you see there is a settings button……

MCE Default Screen

When I pressed the Settings button I can’t say that I was really impressed. Those settings may have better been called default locations or something like that.

MCE Screen 2

Can’t say its that impressive, but changes can be made. So with a little exploration maybe it will be more impressive. Check out the “monitor locations” settings (What I think should maybe be, default settings. Also to adjust the defaults you need to click and highlight)

MCE Screen 2 Expansion 1

Search pattern may not seem that straight forward but its extensions this application will search for. (asf;*.avi;*.divx;*.m4v;*.mkv;*.mov;*.mp2;*.mp4;*.mpeg;*.mpeg1;*.mpeg2;*.mpeg4;*.mpg)

Screen 2 Expansion 2

Above is a screenshot of the conversion task, window. If you create a New Task (I took a screenshot of the default task) under the Profile, you can choose what video it will convert too (I’m starting to like this program more) By default there is a destination (After converting it to whatever format you choose) There is also an option to remove commercials. Then you notice there is an advanced settings. (Note you got to click the arrow, not the settings link)

MCE Conversion Tasks Advanced Settings

I’m going to say that there are more options than are worth discussing unless you are an advanced user. Although I have found “enable custom file renaming” to be very helpful and would think “use MC compatible naming” would be helpful and useful for those that aren’t very advanced.

MCE Default settings Advanced Screen

Under the settings (starting from the top) this is what you will see if you click on “Advanced Settings” I would have to think that most all settings are self-explanatory. Yet when looking at the settings I do see one that mentions “Send Email” without the required fields, such as a destination address. I also see an “Expert settings”

MCE Default Settings Expert Screen

These settings can be used to dive down further and set up any email settings. It can also be used to setup other settings. I also wanted to mention that this is also installed with a service. A service allows it to run as configured (i.e. it will monitor the folders for any files added and if the service is started it will check the configurations the user has made and will convert the files it detects in the folder based on those configurations that the user has setup)