I’m Jared and after college when I moved out on my own I was doing research on ways to save time or money. One of the things related to saving money was cutting the cord, I did a bunch of research in an effort to eliminate cable TV and obtain content other ways. I started with a Roku. I did research as to other avenues to get that content and started advising coworkers and friends of elements of the equation that would allow them to “Cut the Cord” and still get content. I have been using various devices/services and also researching other devices in an attempt at providing free/limited cost solutions for eliminating pay TV. I noticed I had a hard time finding this information in one spot, so the purpose of this site has been to gather everything in one spot. Hopefully with more research and the input from other people I will be able to expand what channels I receive. I also hope to help others cut pay TV out of their life and have a better idea as to what products will be best to purchase for that process.

I am trying to build content via borrowing devices and getting guest writers to write reviews. I will also report any news I find related to streaming and keep a blog related to streaming. If you feel you can contribute please contact me. If you feel that something could be done better, please contact me.

Every Sunday I will try to post a new entry into the blog, but I sometimes will find news on streaming or other reasons that make me feel a blog post is warranted.