Amazon has Add-on Subscriptions

Although my Amazon lists 30 Services that you can subscribe too, after scrolling through them the only ones that stood out where Showtime, Starz, and Acorn. The press release listed the owner corporations so maybe there is so hope that Amazon will work on some deals to get other members of those corporations. A&E and AMC would be nice (Amazon has partnered with little siblings of those networks). I have heard rumors of more deals in the works, such as HBO Now (Those are just rumors though).  But with moves like this (Streaming partner program) I have to imagine Amazon is going to start stealing market from others. I look at Netflix, It seems as though they were the first to the game and a large portion of there clientele was gathered by those that liked having physical media delivered to the household. Since a lot of people are doing away with DVD players for Blu-Ray or not even a replacement player, I do wonder. Then there is the other large player, HULU. I don’t have Hulu but I have heard great things about it. One of the biggest draws about HULU was that you could get aired cable shows a day after they aired. Thing is, I don’t want to go into work the next day and hear what happened on X show last night. Apparently with HULU they offer add-on subscriptions such as showtime so It seems to me like HULU and Amazon are going to take subscribers from Netflix and possibly start battling in the future. But it is rumored that Amazon is seeking more partnerships (Maybe HULU is quietly) But one thing that Amazon is doing that HULU is not, is making its own shows. (Besides season 2 of some things they also will be making a show with the hosts of the popular British show Top Gear)

EDIT: Although I feel as though Amazon has a solid grasp of the future, I did see a info graphic, that doesn’t change my mind but makes things clearer. I’m not gonna rip off and repost the graphic but this is a summary.

Q3 2015 Netflix has 49.0% Amazon Video is 19.9% and Hulu is 12.1% with some others services (the largest being I do not use)

Q3 2014 Netflix has 46.4% Amazon Video is 17.9% and Hulu is 9.6% with some others services (the largest being I do not use)

Q3 2013 Netflix has 41.7% Amazon Video is 12.9% and Hulu is 9.4% with some others services (the largest being I do not use)

  • Thoughts or Analyses on this move?