Crackle Service

Crackle ServiceCrackle is a free service that is offered by Sony. I was intrigued because the offer of free TV shows and movies. It even had made its own sequels to some movies. It is also probably most famous for having the show “Comedians in cars Getting Coffee” Jerry Seinfeld’s new project. It is supported by ads which are slightly annoying, but bills need to be paid and free shows and movies are nice. It took a while to get going. Until I figured out how to use (You’d think the interface would be easy when the remote has limited buttons) the interface. I have still managed to have issues with controlling the interface so chances are I will be happy to use it to watch the occasional movie but unless there is an improvement to navigating, I will probably keep the bookmark and pay attention to new movies but otherwise odds are I won’t use it much. It is linked to an account that you make online which doesn’t really make using it easier but it does make it easier to view the titles it offers (It says they are often changed…..but at the time of this writing I don’t think I had signed into my account for a couple years.)