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I am a little shocked at the amount of people that can’t define streaming. Lots of people know that they are streaming a show when they receive it from Hulu or Amazon Prime but if you asked for a Streaming Definition, they would be lost or hard pressed to give a definition. I guess I shouldn’t be shocked because giving a Definition of Streaming isn’t a easy thing. Here is the definition as provided by Wikipedia. I also looked at a variety of other sources for how they define streaming but I am not going to include those links. My definition (Which some may find off base)

Streaming is a way of displaying data like video recordings or audio without first fully downloading them to the system on which they are played. Transferring a stream of data while already transferred data is being played. Streaming is an alternative to downloading data and refers to the delivery method.

If you think something in my definition is wrong or there is something lacking please leave a comment for the good of all readers.

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