Desired Streaming Options

Desired Streaming Options


When it comes to a streaming device I seem to be on the Roku Forums asking for additions every 1/4 year. I almost always ask for the same thing but I want to put whats most asked for, along with some things that would be nice that other streaming devices seem to lack. I view these desired streaming options as additions I would pay extra for (Significantly extra) A plus model that costs as much as a high priced streaming device and the cost of a DVR ($400+) would be nothing, (Ok it would be, but consider it your cable bill for a few months) it would allow me and others that have not cut the cord to significantly save money.

  • Support for USB Antenna (for OTA)
  • Passcode individual channels/settings/channel store
  • DTS-HD & TrueHD passthru
  • 1080p/24p playback
  • Categorize channel lineup (folders, etc)
  • Remote with programmable favorite buttons
  • Wireless audio transmission for Roku Remote App (like Roku 3 audio port)
  • Ability to pair with BlueTooth headphones
  • DD+ to DD

These are things asked for on the Roku forums under “Feature Requests

Personally (though I agree with the list, I would like to add some things) that are already available for Roku but are lacking on other devices. Actually some of them are not available for the Roku but that is why I call them desired streaming options.

Free Channels

(Why do I have to pay for a Plex channel on the Amazon Fire….Booooo) Some listings below, I understand the service Isn’t free, but at least provide the channel free.

Media Center Channels
  • Plex
  • Playon
  • Emby
  • Kodi (See what I say below)
OTT Channels
  • SlingTV
  • Amazon Video
  • Hulu
  • Netflix
  • USTV Now
  • Sony Playstation Vue
  • Pluto TV
  • HBO Now
  • Show Anytime
  • FOX Now
  • CW
  • CBS All Access
  • ABC
  • NBC

Besides what I listed I know there is history vault and some others but I’m thinking of the masses. Despite actually really liking Vikings I heard “History is just reality TV for guys” and if you look at the lineup… kind of is. Swamp People, American Pickers, Roots, Axe Man.

Network Interface

Good chance my feelings on this will make many people feel as though the better model should have been purchased! Well a Amazon Stick on sale was almost so cheap I had to buy it, But being wireless only I have had many issues (My Router is around 3 feet away and there are only 2 devices on the network) When It comes to a Device that is WiFi only, it best be for travel. Now I have a device that can be wired or WiFi, sometimes such as when there is no Ethernet drop means WiFi is your only option, unless you can’t avoid it….stay away from WiFi.


(I already have a Tablo, but damn I’d rather buy a all-in-one device, although the USB drive being external to keep price down) also how nice would it be to DVR shows off Hulu and others (I now their is a trust system, and a no-no would be recording Hulu, but somehow though not allowed PlayOn supports it)


Although a requested feature above is support for USB antenna’s. Forget that, I want to plug my antenna directly into a streaming device, I don’t want to buy a USB tuner. In addition to one tuner I want 3+, it seems as though you sometimes need 3 or more. (Maybe a plus model with 2 and a plus plus with 4?)

Volume control

One of the things I would value most is the ability to use one remote (TV remote for volume and other for streaming device… Mute would also be great when I get a phone call.

TV Input

I really have a desire to put the TV remote in a drawer and only touch every couple of months, so changing inputs would be great.


Just like the volume on the remote, it would be nice if I could actually turn a TV on/off via a remote.

File Types

The Roku as well as many other devices support MP4 but the WD devices seem to take the cake, It would be great if streaming devices could support a variety of file types as opposed to a extremely limited amount. Many devices have issues with WMV and Avi.


Because so many like Kodi I’m gonna put it down. Yet I will also mention that because Kodi can sometimes be used for evil (Add-Ons with illegal content) most large companies with streaming devices (besides Android) stay away. So I can understand if for legal reasons companies stay away, but I want explanations for the other stuff.

Remote w/keyboard or Bluetooth keyboard

For those that are using services like YouTube and are trying to enter all that information via a crappy on screen keyboard, would really benefit from this. Although the ability to have your streaming device sync with a Bluetooth keyboard, I wanna minimize stuff, not have a bunch of add-ons.

WiFi based remote

This is something the Roku 3 has but the Roku 2 lacks. The Amazon Firestick has it. When you can have your streaming device hidden behind the TV out of the way it is amazingly nice.

The strongest feeling I have has nothing to do with the makers of streaming devices but rather content providers. I can’t access your content because I don’t have a cable login, I cut the fuckin cord. So all those channels that make/made me initially excited thinking I had the content I wanted, need a subscriber service cause that cable login can only be obtained through thievery and that probably wouldn’t make you very happy. Besides sharing my thoughts (Which i hope you to some extent agree with and maybe you are an engineer for a streaming company and can use this for some ideas!) I got a streaming box, if I wanted a machine to play games with I would have gotten a Playstation or Xbox (Or possibly shield) also when it comes to music….I would turn on the Radio.

Are there any features you would like to see added? Or ones that you feel should at least be mention? Post those features in the comments.