Downloading a APK from GooglePlay for sideloading

Downloading a APK from GooglePlay for sideloading


I got a little addicted to sideloading on the Firestick, but had problems locating apk files. Since I don’t have an android phone or tablet, I was unable to download from the Google store (GooglePlay) which severely limited my options. So I did a bunch of searching for places most helpful for locating APK files to sideload.

Google Play

I found one location that would allow me to take a URL from the Google store and download that into APK format. The process is actually very simple, yet a very good thing to know. 1. Go to the Google store and copy the URL that interests you. Google Store 2. After you find and copy the URL of that program (APK), you go to a website that allows you to enter the URL and through a conversion process will download it to your computer, 3. Once you download it to your desktop computer, you can use ADBFire to install the APK file onto your FireTV.

Although the Google store is a good source there are other sources that can be helpful. is another site with a bunch of APK files for perusal and download.

I am unsure if this list is kept up to date, but on a Reddit forum there was a list of applications that work with the FireTV, and since it might be helpful I want to share it with those people who have an interest in sideloading software.