Channel Master+ DVR

Channel Master+ DVR

A Channel Master+ DVR is a DVR that has multiple bundles. One bundle is 299$ on Amazon and includes a Chanel Master+, 10’ HMDI cord and USB wireless adapter. For 329.99$ you can get a bundle on Amazon that includes the Chanel Master+, 12’ HDMI cord, USB wireless adapter and IR extender. If you go to the Channel Master+ website there are 2 DVR’s. One is 16 GB and costs 249$ (The 16 GB is disabled when an external hd is plugged in) The other DVR comes with a 1tb hd built in and is 399$. This DVR has 2 tuners.  It either can get updates from the internet (Via the optional wireless USB adapter), Ethernet, or USB. It also gets a 14 day channel schedule from the internet or if not able to connect to the internet it gets a day’s connection. When connected to the internet it can also access YouTube and Vudu. It hasn’t come to fruition yet but it was announced at CES that more content would be provided in 2015 or 2016 over the internet. This plugs into one TV via HDMI and unless moved to another TV it only acts as a DVR for that TV.

Channelmaster website

EDIT: I just heard something that I wanted to share. Someone is having problems with a device! Sucks but shit happens, the thing that stood out is the device is less than a year old (sucks a little more, but still happens) The issue that I find unacceptable is that Channel Master is not honoring the warranty and replacing the device.

Channel Master Lister Program

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