A Tablo is a DVR device that can be purchased In a 2 tuner model for 196.99$ or 4 tuner model for 269.99$. It basically plugs into an antenna to get channels that are broadcasted over the air, It then has 2 USB ports that allow you to plug in external HD’s for recording to, It also has WiFi and Ethernet to plug into a network. To access the recordings (It depends on device) but many times it will have an interface like a cable or satellite menu. The menu varies but a Tablo’s menu cost’s 150$ for a lifetime subscription or 4.99$ for a monthly subscription. Without a subscription to the menu you get manual recording, Live TV grid view, Schedule view and Recordings view. With a menu subscription you also get Prime Time TV view, Movies view, Sports view, and various filters, series info, cover art, also record by series. Every Tablo contains a 30 day menu subscription free but after that you need to either continue the subscription or you default back to a day to day interface. You connect Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Apple TV (using AirPlay from an iPad) Roku or Chromecast. A Tablo records using the input of a external antenna, it then is connected to the network and streams recorded or live TV to various devices connected to the network.

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