TiVo Roamio DVR

TiVo Roamio DVR

A TiVo Roamio DVR records OTA in HD can be bought for 299.99$ with Product Lifetime Service or 49.99$ with a 14.99$ monthly service required.

Here is a review that “Jericko” from reddit sent me. He had issues with a Channel Master + so after having major issues with the technical support he decided to go the TiVo route. I also should share that he works in IT so odds are he would be considered a technical user.

I have had the Tivo OTA hooked up for a few days, and to be honest I am rather disappointed. Out of the box, its very difficult to use. The menu is extremely complicated, and you really need to dig to turn off a lot of the unneeded features. I could see a non-techie person hating this box. Plus I am not thrilled with Tivo’s guide, 3 of my OTA channels are wrong, and I called Tivo to complain. Their customer service is very friendly and they said they will resolve this issue, but the Rovi guide on the Channel Master was always 100% correct.


Spending time in the Tivo forums, trying to learn the in and outs of this box, I have found that while 99% of electronics have a standard, Tivo is the exception. For example, Tivo does not have a “stop” button, rather the user is supposed to use the “left arrow.” Being a 1st time Tivo person, I had to Google this. The Tivo does not use season pass, or even record new, but rather “OnePass.” So if you choose to DVR say The Good Wife, its about 8 clicks, and that is after I have setup my OnePass defaults. The 4 tuners are nice, but choosing the “live” button cycles though the 4 tuners, I am not sure why a person would use this feature.
To be honest I am thinking about selling it and keeping my DVR+ which Channel Master came though on and it came today, brand new in the box.

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