Emby Media Center

Emby Media Center


A Emby Media Center can be obtained from Emby. On the Emby site, the top menu bar has a download link.

The Emby Media Center is a program like Plex, that runs on a separate computer and through a network connection, it sends content to a receiving device (I will list those in a few minutes) The Emby Media Center will run on Windows, Linux (6 flavors plus a manual install), Mac, FreeBSD and some various NAS Devices (ASUSTOR, FreeNAS, OPEN MEDIA VAULT, Synology and Qnap) When looking at the downloads there are install instructions, a Wiki, and a community for reference purposes.

Although Emby is free it does offer a “Premier” version at 4.99$ a month, 39.99 a year or 99.99$ for a onetime fee. This allows 9 different add-ons, most of which Plex does for free. (although free applications is one of those options which might be nice)


Emby Media Center

The Emby server can serve content to a variety of devices. They are listed as Emby TV Apps, there is the Android TV, Amazon FireTV, Chromecast, Roku, Windows Media Center, Emby Theater for Windows, HTML 5, XBOX One, XBOX 360, Kodi, Samsung Smart TV. There are also Emby Mobile apps such as HTML 5, Android, IOS, Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone. There are instructions for how to get the applications here.

For the fire TV it took me a long time to locate Emby. Did I mention long. I went to the page, on the Emby site, that mentions Emby for FireTV and it just showed how to get details on a movie in Emby, I was lucky to locate it under the new & updated apps. When navigating it was ok and allowed me to play some movies, so thats nice and Emby was a free app which is not 5$ like the Plex app.

When checking out Emby on the Roku. I had to make a account on the emby site and enter a pin number. Granted different device there was a different interface. Because I had not got the “Premiun” version and not installed to many plugins (There really are not many options) It did not have much that it can do besides play videos that reside on the server in a format it can read.

When comparing it to Plex or Playon it didn’t have channels or any way of getting additional content besides what is on the server. Many people like Emby yet when I look at it on a Roku or device that you can get a free Plex channel I have to think “Why” on the Amazon Fire it is free where Plex is 5$ so to me that makes sense. But when looking at free options Plex is definitely the free route to take in my opinion.