Forces in the Industry

Besides reddit (Which is a great source except that you will find the same things posted over and over again causing you to wade through a bunch of crap) I feel as though there are some other good sources in the cord cutting industry.

cordcutting Is a good resource for those that are looking to cut the cord.

Cord Cutter News When It comes to sources I am a little guilty of not really surfing websites much, rather getting information off YouTube. Although I am recommending the website which I know very little about, they have a kick ass YouTube channel.

The Streaming Advisor This is another site/YouTube channel that in the past I have frequented and feel is a great source for info.

Solo Man This is a forum/YouTube channel that is a decent source. I watched some of the videos, but the thing was most were focused on Kodi, which I tend to avoid. This person also does not have a blog or website, rather a Forum. So for all I know many people have posted great things. Also after looking at the forum it seems that most of the information is related to Kodi. I am not say Kodi is bad but try explaining it over the phone to someone lacking technical prowess and you might think its the devil. So despite liking the YouTube channel, I am a little hesitant to get involved on the Forum.

Cord Killers This is only a YouTube channel (No Website). Yet it is a great/long winded channel. The videos I’ve gotten have been great. The thing that frustrates me is a majority of the videos are 30 mins to and hour +. It’s a me thing but I really want videos that are 5 – 15+ mins. When it starts to get past that 30 min mark I start to have issues concentrating and start to view the video as a little long winded. There are some videos around 10-15 mins so not everything causes the eyes to glaze.

I’ve waded through some other Websites and Video channel but it seems like they have one good article or video, that hardly qualifies them as an industry leader and I would hope that one of the places above would be able to get you that info. Every once in a while there is something good on one of those sites (that has maybe 2 videos or articles) but I and I have to think one of the sites above sorts through the fluff and gets you the stuff that actually has a positive influence on your cord cutting experience.