News – “Fuller House” renewed for Season 2

“Fuller House” renewed for Season 2


A large group of people heard that Full House was brought back for a reunion season and named “Fuller House”. This was an action Netflix took. It was recently announced that Netflix will be bringing back “Fuller House” for a second season. Everyone from the original came back except for the Olsen twins who played Michele Tanner. The show is based around the oldest sister DJ losing her husband and moving back home to raise three sons. While raising the three sons she also gets the help of her younger sister Stephanie and her best friend Kimmie. The show has gotten mostly bad reviews from critics and mixed reviews from fans. But with a second season renewal it is hoped that one of the Olsen twins will return to revive Michele Tanner, who is occasionally mentioned to be living in New York. On Netflix I can find information on Season 1 but I have been unsuccessful finding information about a season 2. However a quick google search shows many large name news outlets reporting that it has been picked up for a second season. I have also sent an email to the Fuller House press contact to verify this.