Getting Tablo Content

Getting Tablo Content

I had been looking into expanding the Plex system I have (Basically I am looking at ways of getting content or Tablo Content). I am trying to keep things legal. (So no torrents)  Since I have Playon, a DVR and Plex. I was curious about my options. (People record Amazon and Netflix using Playon, I have Amazon and Playon so I need to look into that) I also wonder about recording the channels on Plex to get some content. I however was able to determine a way to get shows off of the DVR and onto my Plex server. I have a Tablo DVR and a program called TabloRipper. TabloRipper is a program that locates the Tablo on my network and will find all recorded shows on that Tablo and allow you to select those shows to transfer to whatever computer is running the TabloRipper Program, it will also delete the recordings taking up room on the Tablo. TabloRipper can be installed as a service. TabloRipper uses FFMPEG to perform a lossless copy of Tablo videos. The program has various options one can configure to automate the process so that the videos TabloRipper converts are as friendly as possible to the various players one may use them with.

To download TabloRipper go to

To download ffmpeg go to ( , download the “static” version). I would suggest that you locate the ffmpeg folder in a safe location (I occasionally clean out the Downloads folder and would break the program if I accidentally deleted this.)


  • TabloRipper requires that you have a recent version of FFMPEG installed.
  • TabloRipper is a 64-bit Windows application.
  • TabloRipper requires Windows 7 (or above).

Once you have TabloRipper installed and configured, it will detect your Tablo and list all recordings on the Tablo. It will put an Asterisk next to any shows it detects as being not finished. You can press the “Start New” button to manually convert all recordings on the Tablo. You can also move recordings to the right and press a “Start Selected” button. There is also a third way to have it run (Which I found very convenient) you can have it “Install Service” then “Run Service” There is a place to configure the window which the service starts and stops so since I leave my computer on most of the time I set it to run while I’m sleeping (So initially I did it manually to semi-clear what’s on the Tablo, then I set up the service so It will automatically do conversions)

TabloRipper (for obtaining Tablo Content)

  • I am always looking for ways to increase my “library” of content. So if someone has any ideas it would be great if they shared!