Golden Globe Nominations


Amazon and Netflix land a bunch of Golden Globe nominations. Hulu got one too. When it comes to Amazon, they got nominations for “Transparent” and “Mozart in the Jungle”. I have to mention “The Man in the High Castle” I thought it was damn good maybe the last episode was a little strange. Netflix however picked up 9, although I seem/tend to be a little bias and feel as though Amazon is going to pull ahead of Netflix this says differently. Netflix was nominated twice for House of Cards, twice for Orange is the New Black and twice for Narcos. “Master of None” and “Grace and Franky” (Actors/Actresses in those shows) picked up a nomination. Hulu got one for Casual, I read Hulu also got one for Orange is the New Black but since that is a Netflix show I was a little confused, but I still wanted to mention it.