A tuner/DVR called Homeworx

The  is a good solution for getting OTA signals and then playing them on a older tv that can’t tune “digital” channels. The newer (2nd Gen) box will do the same but it will also take OTA signals and record them (Max 2tb USB hd).

The 2nd (180 STB) Generation has 3 1/2 stars and is only 32.88$ on Amazon. That price is so low that it makes me wonder about the parts used and how it is so cheap. It can only record by time and date, so unlike other systems you can’t setup a series of a show to record, rather you have to set it to record (start time, stop time and dates). Those people that are answering questions on Amazon say that you can connect the external HD to a computer(The one with the recordings) and use VLC player to play them. It only has one tuner, so cant record more than one thing at a time. it seemed as though it was very snappy changing the channels. It seemed to have a strong tuner (Able to get OTA channels that weren’t necessarily obtainable via the in TV tuner.) The price is absolutely amazing. One big issue is that it didn’t name recordings rather it displayed the channel and time, this would be a big issue for me.

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