Is Livestream Good or Bad?

I was watching on both a streaming box and a computer. In both instances the interface was amazingly frustrating. On the computer stream I noticed a college game that was in the 4th quarter. Although it showed up under the computer it did not on the streaming box. So on the box I did a search for, sports, and it located the stream. I then proceeded to play it and it was 11mins in the 4th versus the computers 9mins in the 4th. I have heard good things about some of the stuff that is on but something regarding the interface needs to change. It sucks on the computer and really sucks on the streaming box. It was streaming college football which I know a lot of people would want to watch, but identifying the stream on the computer then searching for it on the box? That is amazingly frustrating and Livestream could draw bigger audiences if they actually improved the interface. They have good content but what good is the content if we don’t know its there? I’m extremely frustrated.