Locating and Installing Plex Channels and Plugins

Locating Plex Plugins

Recently, after upgrading the way I insert plugins and channels. I spent time in the Plex forums trying to Locate Plex Channels and Plugins. In addition to trying to locate these items I was also looking for some clarification.

  1. What was the difference between a plugin and a channel?

“Many functions of Plex are plugins, actually.”, “There are even some plugins which are really tools (WebTools, FinUnmatched, Plex2CSV …)” Although that really doesn’t tell me the difference between channels and plugins, it does tell me that there is a difference (I was kinda wondering if they were the same thing) “Most plugins can be found in SUPPORT: Find my Plug-In here for support.”

Locating Plex Channels

  1. Where can I find channels?

I had previously located the older unsupported app store (Which was out of service) After spending some time in the Plex forums I was learning.

I have a setup with a command line Linux Plex server and because I primarily operate a Windows computer, I don’t exactly excel at navigating to the plugins folder where channels need to be stored. I recently added a Samba share of the plugins folder this allows me to install channels much easier. (I mention this because CLI Linux was an attempt at making a slow computer a little faster) Since I could install channels much easier, I needed to find channels of interest. (it would be great if they were all good) In an effort to find channels I started scanning the forums and asked around as to what others do. This is what I compiled, if anyone knows where to get more channels or anything that is new since this article, then send me an email or leave a comment to help others.

Some channels of interest are. Check back on occasion, look for me to add or people to leave recommendations in comments

  1. Webtools (Newest release of Unsupported App Store)
  2. g2g.fm (This can’t be legal and I tend to stay away from anything illegal but I will mention this)
  • A  tool for finding and installing channels is the WebTools-Unsupported App Store V2
  • Try searching the Plex Channels forums keyword “[REL]” (release)
  • For Github: keyword “plex bundle”, will not get you all of them, but most

Installing a Channel Manually

A Plex channel is contained within a folder named with a “channel.bundle”. Some cases that folder will be .bundle-master or some other extra identifiers appended to the filename.

  1. Download the file. If the link leads to a GitHub page, select the “Download Zip” button on the page to download the zipped file. Although it seems as though most developers seem to keep channels on GitHub, I wouldn’t be surprised to see zip files stored on an authors website.
  2. If the channel bundle is stored in a zip file. Unzip.
  3. Bundles downloaded from GitHub some times have extra identifiers appended to the bundle’s filename, such as “-master”. Edit the bundle’s filename to remove any text after “.bundle”
  4. Move the channel folder “bundle” into the Plug-Ins folder on the computer running the Plex Server
  5. Restart the Server to make sure that the new channel will be loaded.

How do I find the Plugins folder