Magnavox DVR Internal 1TB and DVD burner with 1 tuner

Magnavox DVR

I recently found a dvr that records OTA signals on either a internal 1TB hard drive or a built in DVD drive. This is a device by Magnavox that I had never heard of. Out of 250 reviews on Amazon it has 4 and 1/2 stars out of 5 stars at a price of 383$. That is a competitive price with other devices and the additive of having a DVD drive makes this appealing. It does have only one tuner though, so while 1 item is recording (it does have a pass through) you have to use the TV tuner to change channels or if only using the Magnavox tuner you have to watch what is recording. There are a lot of Pro’s, the high amount of stars is definitely nice, but it has only one tuner and can only play on whatever TV it is attached to as opposed to attached to a network being distributed to multiple devices in the household. (If it had more than one tuner I would give it a dedicated page, but I view that as a huge stumbling block) In addition to the coax in/out, RCA in/out, and Svideo in/out and also HDMI and Component Video out.

EDIT: Someone from Reddit asked why is this better than the Mediasonic HW180STB? After looking at it a second time I’m not sure it is. On the Mediasonic there is such an incredible price that its amazing, but this being a Magnavox I have to imagine its a device that would last a little longer. I also saw this and was a little swept up that it had a DVD drive. Thats a feature that I’ve never seen and I have to imagine would be awesome if given the chance to record movies. (Especially for little kids that seem to watch movies hundreds of times) I also read some comments that said once a DVD is finalized it can be played in any other DVD player, so maybe I over reacted but there is a good chance that mom’s out there would love being able to record PBS stuff to a DVD and then play it where ever they may travel. For those that have not eliminated cable yet it can also be plugged into the output of a cable box and record whatever is playing…..sounds pretty nice if you are able to record that movie playing on a premium channel. But despite my hangup on the DVD recorder it still comes down a 29.99$ Mediasonic that needs a USB drive its been a while but I wanna say around 60$ vs a 370.70$ device that doesn’t need a Hard Drive. So although the ratings for the Mediasonic aren’t that high (1 out of 5 on walmart) that is the price of something people buy on a whim. Someone mentioned that this is now there backup drive, and despite having a strong tuner (Better than the Tablo) it has been relegated to Backup. One big reason is that it loses scheduled recordings during a power outage, so that is also one thing to think about too.

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