Streaming Service Pluto TVI have heard so many great things about the Pluto.TV service. It finally came to the Roku. (I wanna say that its going to work for the Roku XS and the 2015 model of Roku2 2015 and up) I was able to navigate the channels by using the up and down arrow like a traditional tv. But when changing channels there was a black screen? Maybe the Roku 3 was not fast enough and something with more power needs to be used, Roku 4? I loved the idea that I didn’t have to exit out of what I was watching then navigate via the Roku menu and choose the “Service” I want to use. (Strangely this was my first impression. impression 2 kinda worked, before it went black again showed a menu, before causing the Roku to restart, Third time in and it seemed to work correctly) Some of the channels seemed to be YouTube channels but there is MSNBC and 24/7 news. So maybe there are some bugs that need to be worked out, maybe the Roku 3 was just not powerful enough, but its got potential.