Powering a 2015 Roku 1, 2 and all Roku 3 devices via USB

Compatible with the 2015 version of Roku 1 and Roku 2. Compatible with all Roku 3 models is a Alternative Roku Power USB cord. Not compatible with Roku Stick or Roku 4. The USB cord seems great. My setup consists of a Roku hidden behind my TV.  I recently came across this and have 1-2 USB ports in the back of my TV. So although now that the cable management is done (A damn extension cord to allow the needed power) it would have been great to know that a USB cord (8.99$) was an option for power. So for those that have a reason to have this or are contemplating a streaming device but trying to determine how to get power, this might be helpful. Hence I thought I would share.Alternative Roku Power