Sideloading KODI on Amazon Firestick

Sideloading KODI on Amazon Firestick


I have been disappointed with the Firestick, granted it was so cheap and I could sideload KODI, so I felt a little obligated to try it out, plus I had a ROKU 3 which I had grown quite fond of. The Amazon device is only maybe 3 feet from my wireless router and has issues streaming (loading) services. I have avoided boxes with KODI as have many large companies because much of the content on KODI isn’t legal/reputable. Think of KODI kind of like a torrent service, torrenting isn’t illegal (Screen backgrounds, Free Ebooks, and stock photos are items that are sometimes shared on torrent sites that are legal) at the same time, many times movies and music that are copyrighted are shared on torrent sites and give torrenting a bad reputation. So although aspects of KODI are legal many add-ons are filled with content that is illegal, so many companies avoid KODI.

Download Kodi for Amazon Fire

Head over to Kodi and get the install for the Amazon Fire. FYI the Amazon is a ARM based Android device.

Download Firestarter

Firestarter is used as a launcher for Kodi

Download adbFire

adbFire is used as a way to sideload various applications such as Kodi. Additionally, adbFire allows you to root the FireTV, mount USB drives and more.

Enable Install from Unknown Sources

The First step is to enable installing apps from unknown sources. To do this, from your Amazon home screen go to Settings -> System -> Developer options and select “unknown sources” and verify that “ADB Debbuging” is also on.

Install adbFire

Once you download adbFire, Just double click on it.

Install Kodi and Firestarter

Once adbFire is installed configure it to connect to your Amazon Fire. I left everything standard but when it came to description I added a generic term. Under Address was the IP of my fire device. (Located via ) Pull Folder was the location of the Kodi.apk and Firestarter.apk downloads. (Although I am not sure that I even needed to do that)

Connecting to adbFire


So I now have adbFire able to connect to my firestick (I’ve also been told this works for a plain Fire)


Press the connect button to actually connect to the device. Once connected, you can press the install button and choose “FireStarter” and whatever version of “Kodi” you download. (I need to find what else I can download to a Fire) (You can also see the little progress bar going as Kodi is installing) Once you have done the install, from the Firestick go to the apps section and from the apps section you can select Kodi and FireStarter.

(FYI Firestarter is a launcher for FireTV. It presents all sideloaded applications on the Fire)