Sling TV adding Cinemax

Sling TV adds Cinemax

Now Sling TV adds Cinemax as an option for 10$ a month. You need to you subscribe to “Best of Live TV” or one of the Sling TV International base packages. Cinemax is available a la carte for an additional $10 per month. So although its an a la carte option, you need to have the basic package, one of the packages mentioned and then you can purchase Cinemax (So although the option of getting Cinemax is great, there would be a lot of other stuff you have to get first) Article One of the things thats nice about this is that this is the first time Cinemax has been available to Cord-Cutters as a standalone service. Apparently this includes the live Cinemax channel plus a on-demand collection of movies and TV shows (this being the same catalog you’d be able to access in MAX GO using a login from your traditional cable providers.) Cinemax has a new movie premiere every Saturday night. Cinemax has a few original series, such as Strike Back, Hunted, The Knick, and Banshee. Cinemax also has two upcoming new series Quarry and Outcast.

Sling TV Cinemax