SlingTV gets new Interface

SlingTV gets new Interface

Jan 5th an announcement was made by SlingTV that the new streaming service SlingTV gets new Interface. You can read the announcement here.

There is going to be a new section called “My TV” that will bring a users favorite content, front and center.  Apparently it works by showing 4 “ribbons” or rows. There is “favorites”, “continue watching”, “recommendations”, and “whats hot”. “Favorites” learns over time what a user prefers in the way of shows and channels. It actually uses an alogarithm over time to learn users favorites and display them. Over time its been difficult for users to continue watching shows and on-demand content. Now anything they have paused or watched on-demand will show up in a “continue watching” row. The “recommendations” row will use an “recommendation engine” that based on your viewing habits will recommend things for you to watch in the future. There is going to be a last row showing, “what’s hot”. There are plans to follow happenings on social media and also any world events. For instance if there was a world news event or a finale or movie talked greatly about on social media, it will be put on this row.

There will also be a “On now” choice. This will show things that are available depending on what channels you subscribe too. It will over time learn what you watch most and send those currently on shows to the top.

The guide will have slight changes. It seems as though in addition to viewing what is on channels you will be able to look at what was on and what will be on channels in the future. You will also be able to view groups, such as a family group that will show all channels that are deemed appropriate to families.

There will also be a section titled “tv shows”. You can click on a show and see what season and episodes are available. The section of “tv shows” will show featured content, trending, genre and collections.

There will be a “movie” section. It will allow you to see movies based on a variety of filters. Once those filters are applied (Rating, Time period) it will then show results based on genre.

There will also be a “sports” section. This section will categorize events by sport, teams, conference, schedule and others.