Viewing/playback of Channel Master+ content on PC

To playback content on a PC you will need to follow some steps first.

  1. You will need to download Ext2FSD.

That will allow you to mount the Linux formatted hard drive the channel master is using.

The Video files are not labeled once mounted. Someone that owns a Channel Master DVR+ made a lister program to solve this issue, otherwise once mounted with Ext2FSD you will have to open the files (with there cryptic names) and rename them.

Lister download

Just so that you know it seems like a large portion of people are having issues with antivirus software not letting them download this software because it resides on tinyupload.

Here is a video that shows the process.

In case you feel as though the combination of what I said and the YouTube video does not provide enough clarification, there is also a link to a post in the avs forums this was a posting done by the person that developed the software in addition to many people that have and use Channel Master DVR+ dvr’s.

One thing I was unable to determine was if it will change the format, from ts, to a format more readable by other devices. Version 15.3.29 added support but the latest version doesn’t seem to show where you set that up. I don’t have a Channel Master DVR+ so if someone could email me or leave a comment with clarification that would be helpful.

If you need a program to do converting to another format (The previous version of this software used) ffmpeg was the software used.

People would probably recommend Handbrake, I have used this and think its a great program.