Volume Control

Volume Control is a way to get me to seriously consider a streaming device, when doing research for streaming devices I looked at many aspects and did a process of elimination. There are lots of reasons to choose one device over another. Due to interference and signal degradation, I decided that I wanted to primarily use a wired connection (I know that wired isn’t always feasable but I think almost all that are wired have a wireless option) Various devices have different channels or services that they support. The one thing that it seemed no one really supported, but some Android boxes, is volume control. I hate having to have a second remote near me to adjust the volume and have been suggesting it (for Roku) for over a year. Because those Android boxes aren’t really mainstream and tend to solve every streaming problem with Kodi, I have stayed away. But having a volume control on them is spectacular. I would encourage everyone to go to the forums or send an email to tech support for your streaming device of choice, and ask for volume controls for the next iteration.