What are Cord Shavers?

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Cord Shavers are those that cut ones pay-TV expenses without cancelling it. Before someone takes the step of cutting the cord they should think about cord shaving first. I was initially drawn to cord cutting because of what I viewed as outrageous expenses. I had a bundle that included Internet/Phone/Cable. I could use my cell phone so Immediately I got rid of phone. I had to keep internet for work. So I turned to the Cable. Issue is Besides channels I get over the air I occasionally enjoy USA and TNT. So I embarked in Cord Shaving without knowing it was a thing.

Threaten/Ask for a discount:

Service providers such as cable and satellite providers are terrified of losing subscribers. Its been known for a long
time that providers give a discount during sign up and are willing to give discounts to keep subscribers. Sometimes it
can be as simple as just asking, sometimes if you tell them you have eyed a deal the competition has, they will
match or beat that deal. If you feel as though you have to prepare by looking at competitors deals, so that you have
information to hold over them, don’t, you can just tell them the price is on the high side (Honest Right) and your thinking about leaving.

Lose the rental fees:

People pay a significant amount renting cable boxes, Rental fees can be extraordinary. People buy cable boxes and other
devices to use in place of rented devices. I have looked into a system that interacts with cable and allows you to use that instead of the rented cable boxes.

Package Selection:

One issue that pertains to the cost of cable is how many packages you get. One thing that’s very annoying is if you
want TNT you have to also get bundle z which will cost you an extra 10$. There are many people out there who
would say they want TNT but if they knew that it came with 20 channels that they have/will never watch and for an
extra 10$ they start to wonder if TNT is that valuable.

Channels Needed:

Rizzoli & Isles is awesome and a main reason for you having TNT. The only thing Rizzoli & Isles ended in 2016. So now you start to really doubt the need for TNT. With that knowledge it may be time to get rid of the bundle that includes TNT.


Before someone decides to go cold turkey by cutting the cord they should try cord shaving. People usually
cord cut in an attempt to save money. If people become cord shavers they may find they are able to cut costs and still keep channels that are important to them.

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  1. So, we have cord shaved. Was paying Comcast $215 a month for EVERYTHING and then retired so I decided to cut the cord. Then realized how many shows we watch on non-local channels. So we shaved to a plan that has everything other than HBO, Starz and Showtime and got the bill down to $85. Returned the only box we had. Everything else in on a TiVo so it only needs cable cards which are only $2 per card (1-card each for two machines). We will shave for now.

    We are going to do HBO, Showtime and Strarz once a year to binge the shows we want and then cancel. Much cheaper.

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