Whats happening with cutcordinfo, a little update

Fyi, The site is not dead, I am updating it:

Updates done that you actually care about. I have just ordered Amazon Prime, so I will be able to use the service and give a more informed review as opposed to looking at information obtainable on the internet. So given a little time I will update that page with a review that is from use and a little more informed. I have used PlayOn before but i am gonna give it another try because I keep hearing about all the changes it has made, So given a little time that will also change. When it comes to black friday I was hanging out with my brother and he was talking about a wireless streaming device for his garage TV. I mentioned there was a sale on the Amazon Fire for 25$ so he ended up ordering one for his garage and one as a Christmas present for me, so given a month there will be a more informed review of that. So its gonna take a little time to give a more informed opinion on the Amazon Fire Stick, I will be testing over the next few days Amazon Video and PlayOn so you can expect reviews for them soon enough.

Behind the scenes: I will update the streaming devices page because I was informed that someone took a look at a streaming device and had little idea what it did. (I thought it was obvious, but I failed, thanks for the feedback though) I have been working on SEO and will continue too. I have also done a good amount of research at other sites to hopefully write articles that will help in a effort to cut the cord.