Why no Kodi?

Kodi is a application loved by many. It comes preinstalled on most android systems, thing is despite being so awesome its rather complex (not complex for you, but do you really want to give mom or dad instructions to use/modify over a phone) so for that reason and because its usually not preinstalled on most streaming devices, I am not spending much time reviewing things for it. Its able to be modified so much that if I were to review it as well as the modifications I could output review after review, but its complexity along with lack of being preinstalled on devices like Roku, Apple TV and Others makes me overlook it. (Sorry for all you fans that think its the best and everyone should consider it) There is a way to “sideload” it on Amazon Fire and I’m not sure what other devices, but although I’m not spending much time, don’t think its because its not worthy. Many would say its awesome. I would stay out of that conversation interjecting only to mention the complexity of giving mom or dad instructions on use/tweaking over the phone.